Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Masskara Moment

How colorful is Bacolod City's Masskara Festival? This colorful. You have the whole mass of spectators - Bacolodnons and not - inching for space trying to watch and catch, with whatever gadgets they have, every tinge and hue of the festive masquerade as it traverses the main streets of the city.

Photo taken October 16, 2011. My first Masskara festival. Awesome.


Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer said...

photographing the photographers.. hhaha perfect capture..

HI Ariel, thanks for dropping by Virtual Wanderer.

You ask about vans plying Isula to Lebak... sadly 'wala' kasi ganun pa rin yung daan.. lubak... take the cotabato to Lebak route instead.. magulat ka.. flawless ... just be sure to pass there on broad day light pa! anyway 21/2 hours lang yung travel time.

taga Lebak ka ba?

ariel said...

hi, vernz. thanks a lot for the info. no, i'm not from lebak. it's just that i went to the place eons ago (via the kulaman route) and am planning to go back with some friends soon. nice of you to drop by. blog on! :)