Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lebak Market: Lean and Clean

One of the cleanest public markets I have seen in these parts. The Lebak Public Market.

Lebak is a town in the province of Sultan Kudarat; among the most difficult-to-reach towns of the province owing mainly to its natural boundaries of high mountains on one side and the vast expanse of the Moro Gulf/Celebes Sea on the other. 

Recent road infrastructures however have made access to/from Lebak from/to various points in Mindanao considerably easier than before. Lebak is now connected to Cotabato City by a newly constructed concrete highway that passes through the mountain towns of Upi and South Upi in Maguindanao. Air-conditioned passenger vans now provide direct service between Lebak and the cities of Cotabato and Davao and the provincial capital town of Isulan.


Yadu Karu said...

nice...sana maka punta ako dyan :)

Ariel Marco said...

yes you can, yadu :)

doctrigz said...

Brod, I've been here. My wife hails from Kalamansig, around 20 or so minutes away. Yes, I remember going through that mountain road from Cotabato on a Nissan Safari a few years ago. Very difficult terrain then. :D -Brod Benjie Luna

Ariel Marco said...

Great, Brod Benjie! Hope someday we can revisit your wife's hometown and together feast on Kalamasig's generous offering of crabs and other seafoods! :) Lebak is now just 2 hours of smooth (though at times woozy) drive from Cotabato City... Salamat sa pagbisita, brod!