Friday, October 29, 2010

The Islet @ Amandari Cove

Amandari Cove is a nature and swimming resort in General Santos City, Philippines. The place, more known to older people as Dacera Farms, had a major makeover early this year after new investors took over. The resort boasts of fairly large recreational pool areas for adults and children, as well as a half Olympic-size pool for swimming sporting events. It also features a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel and function rooms, picnic kiosks and sprawling grounds for party and other group events. "Amandari" means "peaceful spirits". The "Cove" in the name is probably lent by the presence of a large shallow pond at the back end of the resort where guests can have fun angling fish or riding flat-bottomed rowboats, or commune with its environs on a quiet morning. The pond itself has a unique feature - an islet off the middle connected to the nearest bank by a footbridge made of bamboo. I call it simply The Islet; but the resort staff have a different, rather curious name for it: Amandari Solo Island.